Explore your potential futures using the new communication

and decision tool Topstone™

It has never been easy to predict the future.

You work proactively by using analyzing tools to understand the present and prepare for what lies ahead. But the speed of development accelerates. It is more and more likely that the strategy you just decided on will very soon be useless because something unexpected came up and changed the whole picture.

Therefore it is not enough to work with logical and analyzing tools when you develop strategy. It is not enough to prepare for what others are going to do.  It is not enough to be proactive.

From now on you need to think about how you can contribute to the development. From now on you need to think about what you can create.  You need to go from proactivity to Creactivity™. The best way to predict the future is to be the one that comes up with the unexpected that changes the whole picture for the others.

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